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Software Compatibility

This document describes the causes of a particular m68k software package does not work properly within ARAnyM or using its specific feature.

Please keep the alphabetical order.


Bug: Programs started from MetaDOS HOSTFS sometime crash.

Reason: A MetaDOS bug in its Pexec implementation.

Solution: Forget MetaDOS and use 100% compatible BetaDOS 3.12+ by Ulf Ronald Andersson instead which is the only alive implementation today.


Bug: PureC does not work with files on the hostfs.dos MetaDOS filesystem.

Reason: A MetaDOS related bug in PureC. MetaDOS returns the open file filehandles starting with 100. PureC optimizes in-memory file access by faking Fopen() and other IO operations using conflicting filehandle range.

Solution: Patch your PureC with supplied pcpatch.prg


Bug: Videlity Configure Tool does not work (hangs during launching)

Reason: Dirty delay loop - while(clock() == certain_value). This may not work even under multitasking system and does not work in current ARAnyM where TimerC interrupts come in pairs (100 Hz host interrupt).

Solution: General solution is to get a more precise host timer interrupt (at least 200 Hz). Specific (and suggested) solution is to stop using Videlity and replace it with BlowUP030 or something similar.

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