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Platform dependent known bugs and limitations


(MacOS X does not like floating videoram. Compile with –enable-fixedvideoram. Calling SDLGUI in fullscreen mode does crash the program anyway.)


The default hotkeys set for a windows/Linux keyboard may not work with the Apple Keyboard. If you can not use the currently set hotkeys change the hotkeys section of the config file to the following:

Setup = 44:0x400
Quit = 113:0x400
Reboot = 114:0x400
Ungrab = 0:0x141
Debug = 100:0x400
Screenshot = 115:0x400
Fullscreen = 102:0x400

which set the following hotkey combinations:

Setup      = LM+,
Quit       = LM+q
Reboot     = LM+r
Ungrab     = LS+LC+LA
Debug      = LM+d
Screenshot = LM+s
Fullscreen = LM+f



Sometimes the mouse behaviour gets weird, which makes the mouse unusable. The mouse arrow is jumping around or is invisible and it is producing a lot of “Reseting weird mouse packet” messages. To avoid this add the following line to your login profile:


MS Windows

Non NT line MS Windows kernels (Windows 95/98/99/00) do not support direct disk access (Windows NT/2K/XP do). This is a limitation of Cygwin, or rather a limitation of the windows itself.

Just In Time Compiler (JIT)

Only Linux (ia32/x86_64), MS-Windows, MacOSX (Intel 32/64) and ARM (experimental) currently support JIT compiler for the CPU emulator. This is not a design limitation or a bug in other operating systems, it's just lack of manpower willing to work on JIT support for the other systems.

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